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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hola, Spain!

In 2011, a team of Pilot employees set out for Europe and opened a now-thriving station in Amsterdam, our first full-service location outside of North America. Since that time, we've seen the Amsterdam station have great success in serving our customers who move freight both into and out of Europe, and everyone has seen the advantages of having Pilot employees overseas.

This year, we're continuing to expand our presence in Europe and I'm excited to announce that we have opened a new station in A Coruña, an important port city in Spain. The station is already up and running, and has gotten started with shipments of iPads to the Middle East and textiles to Russia. As you can read in the press release that we issued this week (see below), we expect that the A Coruña station will do a lot of work with textiles and ecommerce goods en route to destinations including the European Union, China and the Americas.

And because we see so much potential in Spain, we plan to open to additional locations later in the year in Barcelona and Madrid. Stay tuned for more information on those stations.

Congratulations to everyone involved in getting Pilot Spain off the ground!