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Friday, April 20, 2018

Foreign Trade Zone Delivers Competitive Edge and Added Value for Pilot Customers

Pilot El Paso is now operating as a Foreign Trade Zone, a factor that will appeal to many Pilot clients in the automotive, healthcare, electronics and aerospace industries. An FTZ is an area authorized by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection that allows U.S.-based companies to defer, reduce or even eliminate customs duties on its products admitted to the zone. “We envision customers that import raw materials from the Far East and Europe to their manufacturing plants in Mexico, will use the station’s FTZ capabilities to hold product here until they are ready to send it south,” says Hector Martinez, Pilot El Paso’s in-house customs broker. “That way they have their inventory nearby as opposed to overseas, and thus avoid paying U.S. duties.” When ready, the ELP team will prepare the goods for export and the team will assist with the necessary document preparation.

Last summer, ELP doubled its warehouse space to 40,000 square feet in preparation for the FTZ activation. In order to do so, the facility has established a new inventory and security system. “Since the merchandise is considered an in-bond shipment and not technically entered into the U.S., there are several special accommodations we’ve established at the station in order to meet FTZ requirements,” says Hector. “This value-added service will also allow Pilot to remain competitive as there are a dozen or more FTZs in the city currently.” In addition, the station is situated close to the Zaragoza Bridge, which allows for shorter transit times to the Mexican border, a factor that is appealing to many customers.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Pilot's Double-Digit E-commerce Growth Fueled by Strong Commitment to Sector

Today, Pilot Freight Services is a featured exhibitor at the fifth annual Home Delivery World Show in Atlanta, GA, an event that draws attendees and exhibitors to discuss the latest delivery operations challenges and trends, specifically in home delivery. For the first quarter, Pilot has reported growth in the e-commerce sector of nearly 21 percent and significant growth across all service areas. As more countries embrace online ordering and home delivery of heavy weight products, Pilot has developed expedited shipping solutions for its e-commerce business, both locally and internationally, with faster delivery times and more transparency through the shipping process. Read more about it here. 

Friday, April 13, 2018

Buffalo Remembers Opening of Pilot Field as Baseball Season Starts

Thirty years ago, Buffalo's downtown ballpark opened as Pilot Field and remained the stadium's name during its iconic opening years. Many Pilot employees sat along the first baseline on that opening day, including Charlene Matie, district manager, who now runs Pilot's Buffalo station. "I have many customers tell me that they will always think of and refer to that field as Pilot Field," she says. "It was really something special to be there at the beginning and witness a part of the city's history." This week marks the opening of the baseball season in Buffalo, so take a minute to enjoy a little bit of nostalgia for the sport that America loves!


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Introducing Pilot Milwaukee’s New Global Home Base

The Pilot Milwaukee team is enjoying its 49,000-square-foot facility and the significant process improvements the new building brings. The warehouse includes nine dock-high doors—one for drive-in—and parking for 25 trailers. A digital security system provides coverage inside and outside, and the building infrastructure employs state-of-the-art, energy-efficient technology. “The growth of several Fortune 500 accounts, as well as imports and exports, dictated the need to expand,” says Jim Best, franchise owner. “Our home delivery business also continues to grow, which requires additional warehouse space.” In the near future, the facility will be bonded so that the station can hold imports on its docks, a value-added service for Pilot customers. "Our expansion came at the right time, as the Wisconsin economy continues to grow and demand is increasing for expedited domestic and international services," says Jim.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Pilot GDL Marks Two Years of Growth in Mexico

Pilot GDL’s new warehouse spans 10,000 square feet and 
has 1,100 pallet positions. The station's value-added services 
include picking, packing, quality inspections, light 
assembly and cross-dock for local and domestic distributions.
Pilot Guadalajara is celebrating two years of operating in Mexico by unveiling its new, full-service warehouse. Part of the facility is used by GDL’s first success story: a leading international automotive supplier that uses Pilot as a national spare parts hub. For this client, GDL provides a complete supply chain solution that includes both accurate inventory and visibility to it. “Since our station began handling this business, we have been able to reduce our client’s inventory for low and non-rotation product by about 30 percent,” says Humberto Bastida, district manager. GDL can also handle inbound container business into Western Mexico, support intra-Mexico deliveries and provide factory support for U.S. companies operating in Mexico. Contact Humberto via humbertobastida@pilotdelivers.com to find out how you can benefit from Pilot’s expertise and services in, out and around Mexico.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Making over Warehousing to Handle E-commerce Deliveries

Steve Bullard, vice president, logistics services, lends his voice to this Air Cargo World article that looks at the e-commerce impact on logistics providers and the necessity to rethink warehouse operations. Steve shares insights on how Pilot has employed technology advancements in systems, equipment and design in order to remain adept to the demands of this vertical.


Friday, February 9, 2018

Fresh Flowers for Your Valentine

The weekend before Valentine’s Day is a busy one for retailers and Pilot, too. One of the world's largest online floral and gift merchants is turning to Pilot again this year for two nationwide Valentine’s Day distributions.

The first undertaking involves coordinating and delivering 444 shipments totaling more than 11,000 roses to major department stores as part of a fragrance promotion. Six Pilot locations—Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami and Newark—will receive the roses just a couple days before delivery to ensure they are as fresh as possible. From there, the flowers will be distributed regionally to reach destinations within one or two days. In order to minimize splashing, the roses are packed in a bucket with one inch of water and then a plastic-lined box. “Most Valentine’s Day purchases occur either on the holiday or the day prior,” says Shannon Donahue, account executive, who is based in Chicago and is managing the project for Pilot. “In this case, timing and handling are critical considering the delicate nature of the product. This fits our business model and we do it well.”

Pilot will also send more than 2,000 cases (with 10 dozen flowers each) of mixed flowers and roses to 105 Midwest-based home improvement stores. Pilot Chicago will sort, tag and move the flowers—which are shipped in the same manner as described above—just one day before they are transported to chain stores in Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi , Missouri and Ohio. “It’s especially crucial on delivery day to be able to provide status updates and reports, and is one factor that has helped keep this relationship growing,” says Shannon. 

Friday, February 2, 2018

Pilot to Connect Fans with Big Game Gear

Pilot understands the immediate need for fan gear, especially when your favorite team is crowned the winner. This Monday, we are doing our part to expedite delivery of the big game championship merchandise to select sporting goods retail stores across New England or Pennsylvania and New Jersey. So whether you root for the Eagles or Patriots, you'll be the first to score because Pilot is part of the game plan.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Satisfying Customer Demand in a 365 E-Commerce Market

John Hill, president and chief commercial officer, observes how omnichannel retailing has forced a supply chain evolution. He examines the year-round needs of handling shipments for the e-commerce segment and how customer service has to keep pace with technology-savvy customers in order to be successful.