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Friday, May 18, 2018

Pilot's New Home Delivery Service Caters to E-commerce Niche

Pilot started its new home delivery service with the e-commerce customer in mind. Since this last-mile residential product does not require a consignee signature or an appointment to complete a successful delivery, it often shortens the time from order to delivery. “We developed this service as a way to satisfy the consumer's desire to receive home deliveries in a much faster manner,” says Tom Drake, executive vice president, domestic/Canadian operations & traffic. These shipments are integrated right into a station’s daily routes rather than waiting in queue for an appointment. Tom points out that it is not meant for every e-commerce shipmentlike high-value items—but several customers have already determined that it fits their shipment profile. For example, big box retailers and e-tailers have engaged this service option on items ranging from slides and deer fencing to appliance doors and utility carts. There's also a cost savings factor with Pilot's service. “Other carriers may classify these items as heavy/oversized and not conveyable, so these shipments would be subject to additional charges with them,” says Tom. 

Pilot's new service officially started in mid-April and deliveries have continued to increase as e-commerce companies have taken advantage of the offering.