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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Pilot's Newest Offering: Airport-to-Airport Ground Service to Mexico

Pilot recently introduced an alternate, cost-effective way for customers to ship freight to Mexico. The
airport-to-airport ground service functions in the same manner as air service, but the cargo moves on the ground at an economical rate. Launched in May, it is currently available through the Dallas gateway (DFG) to the following stations: GDL, MEX and MTY.

With this ground option, the cargo clears at the destination airport (GDL, MEX or MTY) and not at the U.S./Mexico border, which avoids any potential congestion there, resulting in quicker clearance and faster overall transit time. “This service should appeal to shippers with smaller shipments and low volume of traffic,” says Abe Achackzad, executive vice president, operations and transportation. “By providing a predictable transit time, we’re also helping customers better manage their supply chains.”

Since freight transportation to and from Mexico is somewhat complicated, these shippers are guaranteed Pilot’s expertise on requirements and formalities during the process. Pilot looks to target both manufacturers and retailers that conduct trades between the two countries. “Since Mexico is the United States’ third largest trading partner, it’s important for Pilot to offer any and all kinds of solutions to our customers,” says Abe. Plans are for the program to roll out at the Los Angeles gateway (LAG) later this summer.

Schedule: Transit Times from Dallas Gateway (DFG)
Guadalajara (GDL)
Monday– Friday: 1 Day Transit 

Mexico City (MEX) 
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 2 Days Transit 

Monterrey (MTY) 
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 2 Days Transit

Monday, July 17, 2017

Pilot Makes Aviation Logistics Take Flight

If size matters, then Pilot’s latest logistics venture is the one to beat. The operation—which eventually will grow to 200,000 square feet and could potentially more than double when the program is final—supports a world-leading provider of aviation jet engines and components. Pilot now manages this company’s largest global logistics facility, providing the type of creative solutions other 3PLs were struggling to resolve. 

Since assuming control in mid-March, Pilot now has more than six full-time employees managing the warehouse operations, which contains both tools and parts required to support grounded aircraft. These tools and parts, which must be ready to ship anywhere in the world in less than 24 hours, can be massive as well as very sensitive. 

The scope of the program changes almost weekly with the provider bringing new global and domestic opportunities to Pilot for solutions. “Eventually, it will grow to a worldwide focus with Pilot managing in some capacity multiple global centers, handling various degrees of field support, including facility solutions, IT solutions and unique scopes of work,” says Stephen Bullard, vice president, logistics services. The most immediate next steps will focus on solutions in airport support centers in the U.S., U.K. and Europe.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Working with a Top 100 Great Supply Chain Partner

Who helps power your supply chain? Pilot Freight Services works with customers to effectively help improve efficiency, customer service and overall performance. In fact, Pilot’s outstanding service and solutions in this area have prompted industry professionals to recognize us as one of the 100 Great Supply Chain Partners as compiled by SupplyChainBrain, a comprehensive supply chain management information resource. All of Pilot's efforts focus on helping our customers succeed, thrive and grow. And since partnership is the core of everything we do, success only comes when we’ve made a significant impact on a customer’s efficiency and supply chain productivity. Pilot employees nationwide work hard to deliver value to customers every day. We couldn't be prouder of this recognition!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Pilot Freight Services: Your Retail Logistics Expert

You may know and trust Pilot to get your freight from point A to B, but our services extend much further than just delivery. Take our retail services program for example. Pilot’s expertise in retail logistics delivers solutions that generate sales and success across a variety of areas. 

Pilot provides customers with the highest level project-specific standard operating procedures managed solely by Pilot throughout the entire project. Meyers, a valued Pilot customer for five years, designs and produces innovative large-format graphics, displays, labels, cards and coupons for its own retail customers. Whether it’s highly-sensitive and secure deliveries for the video gaming industry or a retail project with many different components and shipping requirements, Meyers trusts Pilot to handle the challenge by accommodating schedules, minimizing downtime, preempting potential problems and preparing for any contingency. Plus, Pilot's technology infrastructure gives Meyers the visibility it desires and the timely, accurate information it needs.

New store openings, new display rollouts, remodeling of one store or many – Pilot’s retail services team will help your brand stay fresh, relevant and profitable in the retail market. To learn more, please email Bill Welsh or visit pilotdelivers.com.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Asian E-commerce Boom Brings Creative Delivery Methods

Asia is estimated to surpass North America as the e-commerce spending leader in 2017. Anyone in transportation and logistics knows that translates into a lot of product to get into consumers' hands. Pilot Hong Kong's John Savioa, general manager/director, shares three unique means of delivery that Asian shoppers will likely see in the near future there: 

PIN Lockers – These lockers are placed in shopping centers or housing estates and offer secure holding of e-commerce purchases until the buyer is ready to collect. The buyer is issued a PIN code via SMS and can collect their purchases 24/7.

Tuk-tuks – Popular in South and Southeast Asia as a mode of transport, this auto rickshaw is being developed as the base for delivery vehicles for e-commerce goods. Both standard and refrigerated (for food purchases or pharmaceuticals) models are currently being manufactured in Thailand.

GOGO vans – Based in Hong Kong, GOGO vans are described as “Uber for Logistics.”  These cargo vans can be booked just like an Uber car – with one catch – they have to be used to deliver cargo packages. This allows non-asset based forwarders and delivery companies to compete without having to invest in drivers or delivery vehicles.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Pilot Indianapolis Donation Helps Special Olympians

Job well done! Pilot Indianapolis helped deliver 2,500 pairs of shoes to athletes of Special Olympics and the Finish Line Youth Foundation by donating the use of its truck and driver to the foundation.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Pilot Portland: Your Official Trade Show Carrier

For the third year in a row, Pilot Freight Services was named the official show carrier for IMATS—International Make-up Artist Trade Show—in New York City. This large-scale trade show, featured exhibits from international make-up companies and was attended by some of the most famous industry artists. Pilot’s Portland station represented the company in this effort and also handles cargo for other IMATS exhibits in Los Angeles, London, Sydney and in Canada. According to the Portland station's regional sales support manager, Pilot was on site at the NYC show to more efficiently service the exhibitors. “The ability to scan and prep the freight prior to pickup makes it easy and comfortable for exhibitors to use Pilot’s services,” she says. Pilot can take the stress out of shipping any trade show materials, even if it’s a last-minute request. For more information about our customized trade show solutions, call 1-800-HI-PILOT today.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pilot Chicago Moves to Expanded Facility

The Chicago station and gateway operation moved to a new location in March. The building, which boasts 183,000 square feet, is more than double the size of the previous station and has several new features. These include: high-efficiency, motion-activated LED lighting; truck restraints and dock shelters on all 31 dock doors; two oversize dock doors for loading airline pallets (ULDs); 32’ ceilings; and over 60,000 square feet of racking. “We are now in close proximity to the air cargo facility at ORD, which was one of the deciding factors in choosing this location,” says a local regional vice president. The teams are also enjoying the new, customized office space. Outside, there’s parking for 40 trailers, while 70 security cameras monitor the entire property, inside and out. A fiber optic internal network and dedicated cable data circuit round out the new features. “We’re also excited about visibility of Pilot’s sign and eye-catching orange stripe from the I-294 highway,” he says.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Pilot Executives Take a Pie in the Face

Richard Phillips, Pilot Freight Services’ CEO, kicked off an employee
appreciation picnic Wednesday at the company’s headquarters in Lima, PA , by thanking those gathered for their dedication, loyalty and results. The picnic luncheon was also an opportunity to raise some money for charity. Employees donated $5 each to wear jeans to work, which raised $655 for the Wounded Warrior Project. And several Pilot executives agreed to take a pie in the face for a good cause. Employees donated $1 for each whipped cream pie toss, resulting in over $700 raised for Pilot’s neighbor, Fair Acres Geriatric Center.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Pilot LAX Wins Big with New International Customer

It's not often that you dispatch two 53’ trailers for an air export shipment, let alone as your first move for a new customer. But that's exactly what Pilot Los Angeles did with its first consignment for a LA-based leading personal care manufacturer. It all started when the local Pilot account executive capitalized on a connection to get a meeting with manufacturer's CEO and logistics team to discuss the company's international moves. The account executive, joined by a Pilot international sales director, listened to the requirements, which included a keen understanding of the product’s packaging, advanced communication with the manufacturer’s Singapore-based distributor and the desire for competitive pricing. Confident that Pilot could meet the company’s needs, the two immediately started researching service and pricing options. The resulting proposal and SOP for air exports to Singapore was met with a confirmation that the next shipment was Pilot’s!

The first move was originally estimated to be approximately 8,000 kilos and consist of 55-gallon drums of high-end body lotions. As the pickup date approached, the shipment literally doubled in size to over 15,000 kilos. This is when Pilot’s local gateway manager went to work securing the required space in what was developing as a tight air freight market from Los Angeles to Singapore. In fact, space was so limited that some carriers were reporting up to a five-day backlog. Not only did the gateway team secure the needed space, they even obtained a direct flight!

Pilot was even able to deliver in a quicker time frame than the manufacturer was accustomed to. As a result of the experience on this initial shipment, Pilot has since handled additional air export and imports for the company. Congrats to all involved for utilizing all available resources to land this impressive new international customer for Pilot!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Pilot Sacramento Delivers Despite TSA Challenge

Move 30 tons of pistachio oil via air freight from Sacramento to Stuttgart, Germany? No problem for Pilot Freight Services’ Sacramento team. The shipment, which totaled 23,770 kilos and encompassed 30 drums, was for a customer of Pilot’s German partner. The real challenge came when the TSA put a hold on a portion of the large load at the airport. “We had to return one drum to the shipper, coordinate recovery of the 29 drums left and then tender them to a new airline,” explains Pilot Sacramento's district manager. She credits the joint effort among her fellow Pilot teammates, the supplier and Pilot’s German partner for bringing the project to a positive completion!

New Home for Pilot Salt Lake City

The team at Pilot Salt Lake City is settling into its new space since moving in April. The operation had outgrown the previous location, so a bigger, more efficient facility was secured. SLC is now strategically located 10 minutes from the airport and next door to Forward Air, an important partner.  

A larger warehouse space and more loading docks were also needed. SLC’s new home has both with 20,000 square feet (double its previous location), nine dock doors and one ramp door. Expansion is also possible. “We have first right of occupancy to the adjacent suite which will allow for an additional 4,000-square-foot warehouse and two more dock doors,” says Pilot’s SLC district manager